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Company Overview

Loan Directllc Services is a private lending company located in Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania. We specialize in short-term and long term commercial lending, with flexible financing options that are both fast and flexible.

Our lending program is designed to be efficient, creative and reliable and our approval process is built for speed and certainty of execution. Our experienced team has broad knowledge based in commercial real estate finance.

Loan Direct service has solutions for a wide range of lending scenarios – acquisition and refinancing in need of a quick close; assets that are in transition or not quite ready for permanent financing; re-positioning of a property; properties that are in lease-up, in need of rehabilitation, build-out or any other value-add opportunities; and re-traded or cancelled loan commitments. We lend on most property types and we are not confined geographically. Most importantly, we understand the need for fast, reliable execution.


Getting funded is no rocket science. Good thing now is that you don't need a high credit score or collateral. We just do because of what we are.

The Great Team

Alan Hugh Tenney
CEO and Principal Loan Officer
Jeffery W Bullock
CEO and Senior Loan Officer
Senior Member, Board of Directors
Paul Cyril Smith
Loan Processor